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The Ingredients in Modern Glass

Humans have been using glass since at least 3500 BC when the process of creating this wondrous substance was first tamed by people. Before that, glass from volcanic eruptions existed…

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Understanding Window Insulation

Windows bring light and the view from outside into the house, but they also transfer heat and cold. The construction of a window greatly affects how much heat is lost…

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Glass Blocks for Function and Aesthetics

Glass blocks are a building material providing multiple functions along with a unique and attractive look. Also called glass bricks, these products can give an ordinary space an extraordinary aesthetic…

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Renovating Homes for Sale

While the official first day of Spring falls in March, it isn’t until April that most people truly experience the season. With more daylight, people resume many of the outdoor…

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Signs You Need Glass Replacement

Glass and Your Home Glass is a beautiful material that can add a lot to the look of any residence. Glass shower doors can make your home bathroom look and…

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The Benefits of an EnduroShield Window Treatment

We have all seen it before. A beautiful bathroom can be completely ruined by a glass shower door with water spots and hard water stains. However, there are ways in…

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Incorporating Glass Into Your Porch or Patio

Enclosing a porch or patio in glass is not only elegant, but it also creates an incomparable indoor and outdoor experience. Glass enclosed patios and porches allow us to enjoy…

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 from Vern’s Glass.

Vern’s Glass is Now a HERO Program Approved Contractor!

Retrofit windows are big news in the world these days. There are many good reasons for the popularity of these windows. Retrofit windows are highly convenient and customizable. That’s one…

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The Advantages of Glass Countertops in Kitchens

Glass can make a beautiful and memorable addition to any residential space. If you’re currently thinking about redesigning your kitchen and giving it a brand new look, you may want…

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