3 Ways to Improve Sliding Glass Door Security | Vern's Glass HesperiaSliding glass doors can be a great convenience in a home, but these types of doors are also vulnerable to break-ins. You can improve the security on your sliding glass doors by taking some or all of these steps.

Install a More Secure Lock

The locking mechanism on many sliding glass doors is easily jimmied by someone who knows what they’re doing. On older sliding glass doors, the latching device often does not fully engage with the locking plate in the door jamb, making it easy to wiggle the door open or lift it from its track.

The lock on a sliding glass door can easily be replaced with a more heavy-duty model, and the plate in the door jamb can be reinforced and adjusted for a tighter and more secure fit when the door is locked.

In some cases, the building may have settled, and the door frame is no longer square. This also can affect how the lock and plate engage. If the door frame is not square in the corners, the door may need to be removed and reinstalled to make the door slide easily, and the lock works properly.

Use a Home Security Window Bar or U-Pin

Home security window bars are made from PVC plastic or light-weight metal tubing and are often adjustable in length. The bar is placed behind the door at floor level, preventing the door from sliding open. The bar can be easily lifted out from inside the room. You can also use a wooden dowel or an old broom handle for this same purpose.

U-pins are moveable metal pins installed at the top or bottom of the door. The pin fits into a hole in the door frame, giving extra protection against forced entry.

Install Security Window Film

Security window films are tough, polyester sheets applied to the surface of the glass. If someone tries to break the glass, the shattered pieces stay in place without falling to the ground, making it hard and dangerous for a thief to enter.

Window films also have other advantages. They reduce glare inside the room, lower energy costs for heating and cooling, and they can be tinted a dark color for adding privacy.

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