Bay Windows, Bow Windows, and Greenhouse Windows | HD Vern's GlassBay windows, bow windows, and greenhouse windows enhance the interior and exterior of many homes. All of these window styles create usable space in a room by extending beyond the wall of the house, while also letting in large amounts of sunlight and view.

Bay, bow, and greenhouse windows are not the same. Each style has something different to offer, and installation costs vary considerably between these three types of window.

Greenhouse Window Installation

Greenhouse windows are rectangular-shaped boxes with glass on three sides and the top. The open side of the box faces into the room. The most common sizes are approximately 3 to 4 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 16 inches deep.

The greenhouse window sill projects outside the wall of the house, letting light into the box from three sides and the top, making this type of window a great addition in a kitchen for growing small pots of herbs, salad greens, and other small plants.

Greenhouse windows are almost as simple to install as a regular type of window, and it is easy in many cases to replace a regular window with a greenhouse window.

Bay Window Installation

Bay windows are often used in living and dining rooms, although they can also add elegance and style to a bedroom or study. A bay window can extend from floor to ceiling or can pop out into a window seat without floor space.

Whether it includes floor space or a window seat, a bay window is surrounded by three window panes set at 25-degree angles to each other. The central panel is larger than the two side panes. Side windows often open and close.

Bay windows can be installed in an existing structure, but doing so involves carpentry work to build out the frame and roof, as well as the glazing work of installing the window.

Bow Window Installation

Bow windows resemble bay windows except they have four or five panes of glass, usually set at about a 10-degree angle to one another.

Bow windows are the most elegant looking of these window styles and can give a building a traditional type of appearance. The gentle curve of the glass panes provides a more dramatic view on both the inside and outside of the home. Bow windows involve the most extensive work to install.

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