Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows | Vern's Glass Victorville ServicesWindows are a vital part of any home or business. We not only depend upon them to provide light, but we also enjoy the sun’s warmth they bring in during the winter and the ventilation that comes in when we open them during the summer. If your windows aren’t energy efficient, however, you might be incurring unnecessary energy costs. If you’re not yet in the market to replace your existing windows, you might consider adding options to improve energy efficiency from Vern’s Glass. However, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy by replacing your old windows with those that are energy efficient. Did you know that windows that carry the ENERGY STAR symbol are at least two times more energy efficient than ordinary windows?

Savings in Energy Expenses

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular reasons for installing energy-efficient windows is that you save on energy costs because you consume less energy for heating and cooling.


Standard windows let in drafts; but because of their construction, energy-efficient windows keep out drafts. Heat is lost through standard windows because the cold glass cools nearby air that ultimately settles to the floor.

Limited Condensation

A thin layer of metal protects the glass used in energy-efficient windows and substantially lowers condensation and frost build-up. With standard windows, frost build-up makes the area feel colder and results in the need to turn up the furnace. Less condensation also lowers the potential for dangerous mold, which can be an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare!

Less Fading

Because energy-efficient glass from Vern’s Glass is coated, incoming ultraviolet (UV) rays can be reduced by as much as 98 percent. This can greatly reduce fading of valuable furniture, carpeting, window coverings, paint, wood, and artwork. In addition, the coating lessens outside water and dirt build-up and virtually eliminates the need for spring cleaning maintenance.

Better Lighting

Because energy-efficient windows aren’t tinted, you can enjoy more natural lighting and a better view of the outdoors. In turn, you save on the costs of artificial indoor lighting.


In addition to sealing out weather conditions, energy-efficient windows are an excellent barrier in silencing outdoor traffic and siren noise.

Greater Insulation Means Lower HVAC Costs

Energy-efficient windows by Vern’s Glass result in less condensation and drafts, so you may find your HVAC unit consuming less energy and saving you money.