Benefits of Window Films | Victorville Vern's Glass InstallationWindow films are thin coatings of plastic, metal, or ceramic material applied to the inside or outside surface of a window after installation. 

Window films provide many benefits in private homes and commercial settings. Window film technology has been around for several decades, and improved products arrive on the market regularly. The International Window Film Association was established in 1991 to give consumers and trade professionals unbiased information on types of window films, installation, and benefits.

Reasons for Using Window Films

Window films come in a variety of materials, colors, quality grades, and thicknesses.

Each type of window film has its benefits and the best method for installation. Properly installed window films can benefit a home or business by:

  • Reducing heat from the sun inside a room 
  • Reducing glare when the sun is at a low angle
  • Increasing privacy 
  • Protecting furniture, floor coverings, and artwork from fading and damage by UV sun rays
  • Improving security by making it harder to break the glass
  • Making it easy to remove graffiti from storefronts
  • Turning a window into a one-way-mirror

Window films can be added to either the outside or inside of the glass, but which side to put it on depends on why you are installing window film. If you want to prevent UV and infrared rays from entering the room, the film is usually applied on the inside. 

If the purpose of the window film is to keep out the sun’s heat in summer, the film is often installed on the outside of the glazing. 

When shopping for window film, be sure to find the right product for your situation and needs. 

Installing Window Films

Installing window films is usually a job best left to a professional. Window films are thin, wide, and quickly adhere to any surface they touch. To get a perfect fit on the glass without wrinkles or missing spots takes patience, practice, and the right tools. For most window film installation jobs, hiring a professional is the best way of getting a superior result.

Window film installation specialists can also give you accurate advice on which type of film to install for your situation, and they have access to a wide range of products at volume prices. 

For more information about window films, replacement windows, commercial storefronts, custom mirrors, and other glazing projects, contact Vern’s Glass in Victorville.