Vern’s Glass has partnered with Cardinal Commercial products to supply commercial storefront projects with glass pieces that are designed to wow your customers. With the holidays coming the time to install or upgrade to a new store, front is now.

There are plenty of holidays throughout the year, and that means that higher visibility that you get with a glass storefront, curtain wall or window wall will help your products sell themselves.

Cardinal Commercial Products are recognized throughout the commercial glass industry as quality and design leaders. One of the differences that Cardinal products have is that they eliminate the “blind seal.” A blind seal is one that cannot be verified, and that is the last thing you want on a storefront. Because of the way a blind seal is installed and the fact that you cannot visually inspect the seal to see if it has integrity, there is the potential for leaking. Nobody wants to deal with water infiltration, water damage and potentially even mold. Commercial windows need to have a seal that you can see and that know is not going to leak. Cardinal commercial window products for entrances, your storefront and window wall applications are designed to offer a seal that is verifiable. No water leaking here.

Vern’s Glass offers commercial windows, and also uses Cardinal products for the production of the window wall and the curtain wall. These are beautiful examples of how glass can be used to increase the luxury and visibility of products that you want to be displayed.

Vern’s Glass partners with Cardinal Commercial Products along with various other storefront manufacturers to supply the products that will meet the specifications for your project. These photo’s showcase Cardinal Commercial Products Series 451 and 451 Thermally broken systems along with entrance doors. Please continue reading to find out why you want to specify Cardinal Commercial Products on your next project.