Commercial Curtain Wall

Vern’s Glass is your expert source for curtain wall components. As one of Apple Valley’s expert glass companies, Vern’s Glass has been supplying the High Desert residential and commercial builders with glass components since 1957. Vern’s Glass is your headquarters for installation and repair of all types of glass.

Curtain walls

Curtain walls are multi-paned units that are separated by the casing material, which is usually aluminum. These are absolutely beautiful design pieces that enable building design to take on a sculptured look. You see them used in low rise buildings that have morphed out of the basic rectangle to become something unique. They work well in industrial complexes or for building that are stand-alone in design.

Strengths of Curtain Walls

A curtain wall is different than other all glass fronts. These units are meant to span more than just a single floor. A window wall is a wall of windows within a single floor unit. A curtain wall extends over multiple floors.

They are technologically smart. They work with the buildings design to flex and contract due to thermal fluctuations within the building. They work with building motion such as building sway during turbulent wind. They are designed to be structurally sound regardless of environmental pressure. They add thermal efficiency to a building because they can block heat and cold during different times of the year.

The offer a verity of design options such as frame depth and frame width. They are available in multiple styles such as single or double glazing. The window glazing is solar interactive, so it helps to reduce UV exposure. The frames can be set up with stone infills, metal infills, and can be fitted with louvers that help to increase privacy and solar intrusions.

Vern’s Glass partners with top vendors such as United States Aluminum, Oldcastle Building Envelope, Arcadia, Inc., to provide a proven Curtain Wall system that will meet the specification for your low rise building.