Commercial Storefronts

Vern’s Glass is the commercial storefront glass expert for the High Desert and Victorville business scenes. A glass storefront offers buildings a lot of perks, such as more visibility, more natural light and a professional, welcoming entrance.

Vern’s Glass installs commercial storefronts and entrance doors to your specifications. We repair broken storefront doors including pivot replacement, locks, handles and door closers. We provide replacement glass for existing systems or can install a brand new system to fit your design specifications.

Vern’s Glass and Cardinal Commercial Products

Vern’s Glass partners with Cardinal Commercial Products and various other storefront manufacturers, to provide the best selection of storefront glass for High Desert businesses. Cardinal products are cutting edge. They are designed to work with building design and to be energy efficient. Cardinal products are designed to use a visible seal which means that the seal used can be inspected and repaired if necessary. Many storefront packages use a blind seal which can cause problems later. Problems like leaking and heat loss are two common problems with blind seal systems. By designing products that do not use a blind seal the Cardinal team has created a superior storefront that local businesses can utilize.

Vern’s Glass partners with Cardinal Commercial Products along with various other storefront manufacturers to supply the products that will meet the specifications for your project. These photo’s showcase Cardinal Commercial Products Series 451 and 451 Thermally broken systems along with entrance doors. Please continue reading to find out why you want to specify Cardinal Commercial Products on your next project.