Commercial Window Wall

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Commercial Contractors

Which is better the curtain wall, or the window wall? A lot of your answers will boil down to cost and if that is the case than the window wall is a better prices product. Installing a window wall rather than a curtain wall can save as much as 50% in costs. That is a lot of money when you are considering constructing or renovating a multistory building.

Window walls are desired by residential multifamily building as well as office building and corporations. The window wall provides a home-like environment in an industrial setting. These are high caliber features that help to improve the look and feel of the building. Even office buildings are making the switch to window walls because they add a quality to the environment in which people work. They are a selling point for many buildings.

The Pluses of Window Walls

They are not conductors of sounds like you might find with curtain walls. The reason being is that each window wall unit is an individual unit not part of the entire building. Because a curtain wall shares internal supports, sound can be passed from one unit to the next both horizontally and vertically. Add in 100 units, and you have the potential for a lot of noise.

Window walls can also be used with ventilation systems because they are not part of a single building unit. These units are also water and leak resistant while being fully structurally sound. They not only provide natural light and views they add to the buildings stability.

Vern’s Glass partners with top vendors such as United States Aluminum, Oldcastle Building Envelope, Arcadia, Inc., to provide a proven Window Wall system that will meet the specification for your low rise building.