Considering a Custom Mirror for Your Adelanto Home

Considering a Custom Mirror for Your Adelanto Home | Vern's GlassVern’s Glass in Victorville builds custom mirrors of all sizes and styles for Adelanto homeowners and businesses. Adding a custom mirror to your High Desert home or business can have many advantages, and there are plenty of reasons for considering a new mirror.

Reasons for Ordering a Custom Mirror

People install custom-built mirrors for all sorts of reasons. 

For example, maybe you have a non-standard sized bathroom medicine cabinet in need of a new mirror. You like the cabinet and don’t want to replace it. The simple solution is to order a custom-sized replacement mirror from Vern’s Glass and have them install it for you. 

Or, you may have a unique, decorative frame you’d like to mount a mirror in, but you can’t find a mirror to fit the frame. You can always have a custom mirror cut to the exact specifications you need. Then let the expert professionals at Vern’s assist you in safely installing and mounting your new custom mirror. 

Custom mirrors can also enhance the entryway in your home or office, and carefully placed mirrors make spaces look larger than they are. If you have an awkward-sized or small entryway or other room at your Adelanto property, consider ordering a custom-built mirror that fits in and adds a new dimension to the space. 

Mirrors make a great addition to a home gym or recreation room as well. Imagine doing your morning yoga or exercise routine and having an attractive, perfectly sized mirror right where you need it. 

Mirrors can be used outside also. Properly placed outdoor mirrors can let you see around a hazardous corner in your driveway or behind a gate before you open it in your yard. 

Ordering a Custom Mirror in Adelanto

If you live in Adelanto and are considering installing a custom-built mirror, you can find everything you need by contacting Vern’s Glass in Victorville. Vern’s is a licensed contracting firm specializing only in glass-related work, and this includes custom-made mirrors. 

When you install a mirror, finding the right mirror is only half on the job. Just as important is mounting the mirror, so it is safe and secure where you want it to hang. 

Mirrors weigh a lot and can be dangerous if not installed correctly. Vern’s Glass also specializes in all types of glass installation, and they can safely and professionally install your new custom mirror in Adelanto.