Custom Mirrors Change the Look of Your Victorville Home

Custom Mirrors Change the Look of Your Victorville Home | Vern's GlassOne way of changing the look and feel of your High Desert home or office is with the creative use of custom mirrors made and installed by Vern’s Glass in Victorville.

Custom-made mirrors give you the option of choosing the precise size and shape of a mirror, so it works perfectly for the location where you want to place it. Custom mirrors also are available with a variety of glass edgings, a myriad of color tints, and a choice of frames and mounting options.

Choices in Victorville Custom Mirrors

When you order a custom-made mirror from Vern’s Glass, you have maximum control over design and function. Mirrors can be made with stock oval, round, square, and rectangular glass in standard sizes or almost any other size and shape you like for vanities, entryways, home gyms, dressing rooms, or even outdoors.

You have plenty of choices in the edging of the glass around the perimeter of the mirror as well. The most common custom mirror edging types are:

  • Beveled edging provides an angled slope at the edge of the glass. You can choose how wide or narrow to make this angled cut, creating different looks and effects around the rim of the mirror.
  • Flat edging on mirrors is created with a flat, square cut of the glass at a 90º angle with the face of the mirror. Flat-edging gives you a simple, clean edge and lines framing the glass.
  • Seamed edging on mirrors rounds out the edges until they are perfectly smooth and rounded, making the mirror easier to handle, move, and frame.

Custom-made mirrors by Vern’s Glass in Victorville can also be coated on the back of the glass with a safety backing. If the mirror ever breaks, the backing holds the shards safely in place without letting them fall and create a hazard.

Vern’s can install custom mirrors in your Victorville home or office using:

  • Mastic, gluing the mirror directly in place on the wall.
  • Clips installed on the sides or corners of the mirror, depending on size.
  • L-bars are usually used to support larger mirrors at the top and base.

Clips, L-bars, and other metal mounting hardware for mirrors come in brushed nickel, chrome, and brass finished surfaces.

If you are looking for custom mirrors to change the look and feel of your Victorville home or office, contact Vern’s Glass for fast, safe, and professional manufacture and installation.