Custom Mirrors Enhance Apple Valley Homes and Businesses

Custom Mirrors Enhance Apple Valley Homes and Businesses | Vern's GlassCustom-built mirrors can enhance any Apple Valley home or business in more ways than one. You can have a custom mirror designed and built to your exact specifications by the expert glaziers at Vern’s Glass in Victorville and give your home or office the benefits of a well-placed mirror.

How Custom Mirrors Improve Apple Valley Homes and Businesses

Vern’s Glass can create custom mirrors to add elegance, charm, utility, or even a feeling of greater space in any room.

Standard sized mirrors come in limited sizes and shapes, but a custom mirror can be built to almost any size and shape and mounted in nearly any type of frame, giving you unlimited flexibility in how you use it.

Custom mirrors can add a touch of elegance to an entryway or living room, especially if mounted in an attractive frame and placed in the right spot. Entryway mirrors also have a useful function by letting you check your appearance just before you answer or go out the door.

When placed on the back of a door in a bathroom or bedroom, a custom mirror can make your Apple Valley home an even more convenient place for dressing and getting ready for school, work, or a night of fun.

Custom mirrors also come in handy in home gyms and recreation rooms. With a mirror built to fit your space and activities, you and your family can practice your dance moves, yoga postures, or martial arts maneuverers in a full-length securely mounted mirror placed just where you need it.

A custom mirror can even be designed and constructed for outdoor use. An outdoor mirror is one way of giving a small yard or patio space the illusion of being larger. Small outdoor mirrors also can be strategically mounted to give you visibility around a corner or at the street at the bottom of a driveway, making it possible to see approaching pedestrians or traffic.

Ordering a Custom Mirror in Apple Valley

Ordering a custom mirror in Apple Valley is easy. Just contact Vern’s Glass in Victorville. Vern’s has been in the glazing business for many years, and they are experts in manufacturing and safely installing custom-designed mirrors all around the High Desert region.

Vern’s knowledgeable sales staff and installation technicians can work with you to produce a custom-made mirror specifically designed for your needs and tastes.