The following information is designed to assist you when you have a request for information or pricing from Vern’s Glass. The glass industry is ever changing and it’s impossible to educate the consumer in a short FAQ, however, we will try!

How I can order your products online?

We do not currently offer products for sale online.

I have a broken window or sliding glass door, what do you need to know in order to give me a price?

First, check to see if it is a sliding portion or fixed portion of a window so you will know if you have the option to bring in the window for repair and save the field service charge. Is your window over a tub or shower or next to a door? Next, is your window single pane or dual pane? If it is a dual pane or insulated glass type window, look at the framing around the window. If it is a white vinyl frame, you will have “Low E” glass.

Does your window have grids in between the glass for decorative purposes? They resemble a tic tac toe. Next, measure the broken panel of the window. It doesn’t have to be perfect, to the outside of the frame around the broken glass is great. Check to see if it is broken all the way through or is it just one pane that is broken.

If your frame is not white vinyl, we will need to know the color of aluminum that surrounds your window, especially if you have grids in between the glass. We will also need to know if the glass is clear, tinted or obscure.

If your home is older, look to see if the windows have “putty” holding the glass in. These are usually found in the old crank out style windows.

Then call us at 760.241.0994 for an approximate price. Our pricing is based on the information you give us at that point.

Do you repair rollers on sliding glass doors and windows?

We have a large stock of rollers and parts for windows and doors. If you are doing the job yourself, bring one of your old parts into our office so we can check our stock or let you know if it can be ordered. If you would like us to do the job in the field, we will be happy to come out to your home or business.

Do you give free estimates?

Absolutely! If you are further out of our normal service area we like to come when we are in the area doing another job if at all possible. The price of gas unfortunately makes us think of better ways to handle these types of things!

Do you install auto glass, or glass in heavy equipment and RV's?

Unfortunately, no. The manufacturers of auto glass have gotten into the installation business and that has made it hard for glass companies to compete. We do, however, install flat glass into heavy equipment and RV’s.

Do you offer financing?

If you are a firm who does multiple jobs and require an open account, we have a credit application you are welcome to apply for a 30 day account with us. If you are a homeowner looking to improve your home and make it more energy efficient, we are an approved HERO contractor. This is a special program backed by the county.

There is no credit check or income verification. You only have to have 10% equity in your home and be up to date on your payments. The amount of improvement must be at least 5,000.00 and it will be added to your property tax bill. You then receive the benefit of new energy efficient windows AND a tax write off! In many cases, you come out ahead at the end of the year! Ask us about this program!

Do you repair commercial storefront doors?

Yes of course! We can replace pivots, locks, door closers, handles, etc.