Finding the Best Apple Valley Window Frames

Finding the Best Apple Valley Window Frames | Vern's Glass InstallationWindows are about more than glass. Window frames also matter, and Apple Valley glazing contractor Vern’s Glass has what you need for new or replacement windows.

High-quality window frames are important for several reasons:

  • Structural integrity of the window
  • Appearance
  • Insulation value

Choosing the right window frame for your Apple Valley home or business is as important as deciding on the type of glass inside the frame.

Plenty of Choices for Window Frames in Apple Valley

There are four materials window frames are made from, and each has its pros and cons to consider when you are buying windows.

  • Wood window frames are at the top end of the price range for replacing windows. They look outstanding, and they are strong and durable, but they do require periodic painting and other maintenance, and they can rot if you don’t keep up with caring for them.
  • Aluminum framed windows can be left unpainted, and the metal frame has a modern look and style. Some brands are made with extra layers to improve their insulation value, but aluminum window frames are less energy efficient than other materials.
  • Fiberglass window frames are especially durable and easy to keep clean, requiring little maintenance. Fiberglass has good insulation value, and it can be painted. While fiberglass window frames look a lot like vinyl window frames, they are quite a bit more expensive.
  • Vinyl window frames are the least expensive material. Made with tough and easy to clean PVC, vinyl frames don’t transfer energy as easily as metal window frames do.
    • Vinyl frames are not as long-lasting as other materials, and some people don’t like how they look as much as wood or aluminum window frames.

Where to Buy Window Frames in Apple Valley

Whatever type of window frame you want for your Apple Valley home or business, Vern’s Glass in Victorville has the products, brand names, and installation crew you need to get the job done. Vern’s sells and installs all type of windows and carries the highest quality brand names on the market.

The brands Vern’s sells come with exceptional warranties, their workmanship is top-quality, and their service is prompt and fairly priced.

Vern’s has decades of experience in the window installation business, and glass work is all they do. If you’re looking for new window frames in Apple Valley, contact Vern’s: The glass specialist serving the High Desert community.