The bathroom is a room where luxury and comfort are prized. Bathroom design is often a key focus of many home remodeling jobs throughout the Hesperia and the High Desert. Whether or not to choose a shower door with a frame or to choose shower doors that are frameless can be confusing. Both can look stunning, but which one is the best option for your bathroom?


Because a frameless shower door does not have a frame to protect it, it is tempered to give it the added strength to last. The framed shower door can afford to be thinner because the metal frame protects the edges from damage. If the tempered frameless door should break, it will shatter. If the shower door with the frame should break. A framed shower door will also shatter if it is broken since safety laws require ALL shower doors be tempered safety glass.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Frameless shower doors are easier to clean because they are minus the frame. There is not a metal frame that hides grime. Another problem with metal frames is that they can corrode after many years of use and cause the class to become stained.

Esthetics and Design

There is really no question that a frameless shower has more design function than a shower with a framed door.  In terms of esthetics, frameless systems have the upper hand.

  • They can be crafted to fit unique spaces.
  • They can be crafted to specific heights.
  • They work well to show off exquisite tile, stone or woodwork.
The biggest problem with framed system is that they look bulky by today’s design standards. They are a type of shower unit that is used in TRACT homes and poorly designed bathrooms. They also are often frosted which hides the beauty of tile, stone or woodwork. In short, they dampen the esthetic value of a bathroom. That is not to say that they are all bad. They have some strengths that frameless systems cannot match. They are often cheaper, and they help to prevent leakage better than frameless systems do.

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