Getting Ready for Your Apple Valley Window Installation Project

Getting Ready for Your Apple Valley Window Installation Project | Vern's GlassHaving new windows installed in your home or business is a big and exciting moment. New, energy efficient windows keep energy bills down, improve the appearance of the building, and add to the resale value of the property.

Before the windows installation day arrives at your Apple Valley home, here are a few ways you can prepare and help make the job go as smoothly and quickly as possible for your contractor.

Preparing for Window Installation in Apple Valley

In order to install a new window, obviously, the old window first has to be removed. In order to do this, workers need a completely clear area around the window on both the inside and outside of the building. Any existing window covering such as curtains, drapes, shutters, and blinds need to be removed first. If there is landscaping you are concerned about outside the window, be sure to mention this to your contractor before work starts.

  • Trim around both the inside and outside of the window often needs to be removed in order to expose the fasteners holding the old window in place and allow access for fastening the new window onto the framing. The new window may also require replacement or adjustments of trim pieces to fit the new window dimensions.
  • Before it is time to start your window installation project, move furniture, lamps, and carpeting clear of the work area to make room for all this work. It is also a good idea to take art work, mirrors, and decorations off of nearby walls to protect them from falling while there is hammering and pounding on the walls during the window installation project.
  • Removal of old windows can stir up dust and also involves a short period of time when there is no window in place, and the room is open to the outside. Protect valuable furnishings by moving them to a safe location or covering them with tarps while work is in progress.
Each Apple Valley window installation job is different, depending on the building, the types of windows being removed and replaced, and the lifestyle of the residents. One of the best ways of preparing for window installation at your Apple Valley property is by having a conversation with the glass and window experts at Vern’s Glass and finding out just what you need to do to prepare for new window installation at your location.