Wood Framed and Casement Windows Glass Repair

It is one of those situations that every homeowner dreads — a rock came flying through your window, and now you need a repair. Whether you own a vintage home or a new construction home with retro appeal, then you should know that you have options available to you when it comes to glass repair for your wood frame and casement windows. At Vern’s Glass, we are the experts in the High Desert region when it comes to glass repair and replacement for all types of windows, including wood frame windows. Apple Valley homeowners who are in need of glass repair should contact us today.

What Do I Need to Know About Wood Frame and Casement Windows Glass Repair?

Wood frame windows are often found in older homes that were built several decades ago, however, this style of window is coming back into popularity. You should note when your windows were built and installed before calling our technicians. In the case that you have new wood frame windows that were built in the last several years, you most likely have a special type of LowE glass inside your windows. If you have original wood frame windows in a home that was built in the early or mid-20th century, then you will want to inform us of that when you call about repair or replacement services.

Regardless of whether you have new wood framed windows or vintage wood framed windows, we can help you get your glass repaired as quickly and easily as possible. By providing us with accurate information during the initial consultation, we can make the process convenient for you. Note that we will work our hardest to stay within your budget and to provide you with a repair as soon as possible. For more information, contact us today.