Having The Right Frame of MindHaving the right frame of mind when it comes to choosing the right frame for your windows, for your Oak Hills property, helps a great deal. There is a variety of factors that go into choosing the right window frames for your home. Energy efficiency is one aspect, wear and longevity is another. A hundred years ago, the only choice for home window frames was wood. Today, there are a lot more options for frames such as: Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood Clad, and Wooden frames. Which frame is best for your property? Let’s have a look.

Frame Types

Vinyl — Frames made from vinyl are an economical choice, but don’t let price be the only aspect you consider when you choose window frames. Vinyl offers high energy efficiency because, like wood, it is a poor conductor of heat and cold. Vinyl window frames come in a select range of colors including white, tan or dark brown, and the look of vinyl can be a pleasing addition to your property. Vinyl window frames require very little upkeep and last for a long time.

Aluminum — All metals conduct heat and cold far more easily than wood or vinyl, making standard aluminum frames less energy efficient. However, with advancements in the industry, manufacturers have introduced thermally broken aluminum frames and when combined with the proper glass the energy codes can be met. A positive attribute of Aluminum window frames is that they last for centuries; under certain conditions, a significant amount of damage might require replacing a frame over repairing it. Aluminum frames can be painted but maintaining a nice look for painted frames will require some upkeep.

As you consider which type of a window frame is right for your property, consider the pros and cons of each type of frame. If you have questions about any of these frames, just call Vern’s Glass. We offer window and glass services throughout the High Desert.