Hesperia Sliding Glass Doors Replaced and Repaired

Sliding glass doors in Hesperia homes, businesses, and apartments let in the sunshine and views of the High Desert. However, sliding glass doors get old and develop problems, leading to the need for repairs and replacement.

Vern’s Glass is a licensed contracting company in Victorville, California, specializing in sliding glass door replacement and repairs in Hesperia and the High Desert region.

Problems with Hesperia Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors in older Hesperia buildings are often made with single pane glass. This type of door has only one pane of glass which has a low insulating value. Single pane sliding glass doors lead to costly energy bills for heating and cooling.

Vern’s Glass can easily replace a single pane sliding glass door in your Hesperia home or office, installing an energy efficient, double or triple pane door in its place.

Double and triple pane glass is made with two or three panes of glass with a space between each pane. This space is then filled with argon or krypton gas, significantly increasing the insulating capacity of the window. A double or triple pane sliding glass door provides just as much visibility as a single pane door but reduces the transference of hot or cold air between inside and outside, saving you money on heating and cooling your Hesperia building.

Sliding glass doors are heavy, and they move by rolling on small rollers located underneath the door. These rollers become worn over time, but they can be replaced.

When rollers wear out, sliding glass doors become difficult or impossible to open or close, creating a hazard. The locking mechanism may also fail to work properly because the door slips down as the rollers break or wear out.

Vern’s Glass has complete services for repairing all types of damage to sliding glass doors in Hesperia, including worn rollers, broken locks, broken glass, and damaged tracks.

Vern’s Glass also carries a wide range of replacement sliding glass doors with double and triple pane glass options.

Contact Vern’s Glass for assistance with any type of sliding glass door repairs or replacement in your Hesperia home, office, or apartment building.