How to Find a Glass Tabletop in Victorville

How to Find a Glass Tabletop in Victorville | Vern's Glass InstallationAre you looking for a glass tabletop for your home or office in Victorville? You may think you need to buy a glass tabletop at a furniture store or search one out at a garage sale, but there is another solution for finding glass tabletops in the Victorville area: Vern’s Glass.

Vern’s is a locally-owned, professional glazing contractor, fully licensed by the California Contractor’s State License Board for installing new and replacement windows and all other types of glazing work, and they also sell and install a wide variety of glass tabletops.

Find a Glass Tabletop in Victorville at Vern’s Glass

You may need a glass tabletop to replace one that is chipped or broken, or, maybe you want to add a glass covering over an existing table to make it more attractive and durable. Either way, Vern’s Glass in Victorville has what you need and can deliver and install it for you.

Glass tabletops come in an assortment of sizes, thicknesses, and edging designs. Some of the options are:

  • Glass in thickness from ¼ inch to ½ inch thick.
  • Tempered glass that won’t easily crack or break, and if it does, it shatters into thousands of pieces that can’t cut or hurt you.
  • Glass tabletops cut to custom sizes and shapes for indoor and outdoor tables.
  • Glass tabletops with beveled, ogee, pencil polished and rounded edges.
  • Etched and frosted glass tabletops to add a special touch of class and artistry to your table.

Vern’s Glass specializes in everything glass with auto glass being the only exception. Besides glass tabletops for Victorville and High Desert homes and businesses, Vern’s has a wide selection of energy-efficient new and replacement windows, and they do the installation as well.

Mirrors, glass block walls and curtains, glass shower and bath enclosures, commercial storefronts, window screen repair, and residential windows are other types of glazing work Vern’s specializes in.

Because Vern’s Glass in Victorville is a local and professional business in operation since 1957 doing nothing but glass work, you can expect the highest quality of workmanship and prompt and attentive service from their sales staff and installers.

So, if you are looking for a glass tabletop in Victorville or any other part of the High Desert community, skip the furniture stores and garage sales and contact Vern’s Glass and find what you need, when you need it.