Incorporating Glass Into Your Porch or Patio | Victorville Vern's GlassEnclosing a porch or patio in glass is not only elegant, but it also creates an incomparable indoor and outdoor experience. Glass enclosed patios and porches allow us to enjoy the outdoors without annoying insects, unwanted noise, uncomfortable temperature extremes, and other unpleasantries. They expand the living space of your home and can serve as anything from a breakfast nook to a family game room.

The stunning and practical enclosed glass porches or patios can close out all but the visuals. As the gateways between our outside and inside worlds, porches allow us to interact with our neighborhood in a concrete, but relaxed, manner. There is something particularly heart-warming about the casual hellos and impromptu conversations that are sparked simply from sitting on a front porch. Partially enclosed porches allow us to have this friendly interaction.

Make Your Porch Modern & More Effective than Ever

Enclosing the sides of a covered front porch and leaving the front open adds a visually striking design element to your house and drastically reduces drafts and noise. Any architectural style can be accommodated with a custom glass installation, from the many small window panes typical of a Victorian era enclosed porch to a sleek, contemporary glass panel. Etched glass can create a one of a kind design.

If you are installing a porch or patio from scratch, glass canopies offer protection, style, and a myriad of options. A modest glass arch above an entry way makes an impressive statement without being grandiose. Blanketing a large porch or patio area with a glass canopy both protects you from, and allows you to enjoy, the elements. Imagine star gazing or watching the rain fall around you from the comfort of a protected outdoor sofa. You can even install solar smart glass that darkens in the bright sun and lightens as the sunlight dims.

Whether you want to create an entirely enclosed sanctuary or simply add a bit of protection and sophistication to an existing patio or porch, glass is the answer. The design possibilities are limitless. The benefits are as countless as the hours of enjoyment your new space will bring.