Keeping Windows Sliding Smoothly | Victorville Vern's GlassHave you ever experienced the frustration of a window that sticks or grinds as you slide it open or closed? Windows that do not slide properly are annoying, but the problem can often be solved easily.

How to Clean a Window Track to Prevent Sticking

Windows that open slide either horizontally or vertically in a track. The track is built of the same material as the window frame, either metal or wood. The part of the window track most in need of cleaning is the lower part where the window sits and slides on horizontally sliding windows.

These types of window tracks easily gather dust and debris. As this debris builds up, sliding the window becomes harder and harder.

Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a narrow attachment to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. First clean the track behind the window while it is closed, then open the window and clean the remainder of the track which is exposed once the window is open.

Next, use a blunt knife or putty knife wrapped in a clean cloth to wipe away any dirt that did not come out with the vacuum cleaner.

If the buildup in the track is sticky, you may need to spray the cloth with a household cleaner and rub the fabric back and forth in the crack several times to remove all of the dirt and grime. Be sure to clean the entire track with the window in both the open and closed positions.

Windows that slide up and down vertically also run in tracks, but because of gravity, these tracks do not usually build-up dirt. However, sometimes vertical sliding windows also become hard to operate, and simple cleaning of the track on both sides with a damp cloth can wipe away any dirt and grime affecting the operation of the window.

You can also use a light application of silicone spray on window tracks to make them operate more smoothly. After cleaning the track with a vacuum, spray the silicon onto a clean cloth, and then use the fabric to wipe the tracks gently.

Do not spray the silicon directly onto the tracks, and be careful to avoid getting it onto the window pane because it can permanently discolor the surface of the glass.

If your windows still do not correctly open and close after you have cleaned the tracks, it may be time for service from a window professional like Vern’s Glass in Victorville.