Professional Window Installation in Adelanto

Professional Window Installation in Adelanto | High Desert Vern's GlassAre the windows in your Adelanto property in need of replacement? Older styles of windows have many problems, ranging from energy inefficiency to safety to how they affect the value of your property. New window installation is a solution for all of these problems.

If your Adelanto home or business has old, unattractive, unsafe, or energy inefficient windows, it may be time to consider new window installation by a full-service, professional glass company like Vern’s Glass in Victorville.

Savings on Adelanto Window Installation

Installing new windows may also be more affordable than you realize. There are several reasons for this.

First, new energy-efficient windows reduce costs for heating and cooling by up to 30 percent. Savings on energy bills of this size can quickly add up to the cost of the new window installation project.

Older windows are often only single glazed, meaning there is only one pane of glass. This allows much more heat transfer between the inside and outside air, resulting in colder temperatures in winter and warmer temperatures in summer inside the building. Double and triple glazing use two or three panes of glass with an air space between them, significantly reducing the movement of heat or cold between outside and inside.

Old windows also were frequently manufactured with aluminum frames. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat, which means it is energy inefficient and leads to higher energy costs. New window installation for your Adelanto property means window frames made with high-quality, energy saving materials which stop this heat transfer.

Vern’s Glass in Victorville is a glass and window installation specialist in the Adelanto area, installing only top-brand, energy efficient windows and glass and saving you money from day one of the installation.

Vern’s Glass is also a HERO program approved contractor. HERO stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, and this financing option assists homeowners in making new window installation affordable and easy.

As a specialist in all things glass, Vern’s Glass also knows how to get the job done quickly and professionally, so you have the least disruption to your life during the new window installation.

Contact Vern’s Glass today for more information on new window installation for your Adelanto home or business.