A sliding glass door adds a great deal of convenience, light, and ambiance to a room. So how do you know when you need to upgrade your sliding glass door? This small guide by Vern’s Glass can help answer that question.

Room Ambiance:

Sliding glass doors come in a variety of styles; if you are concerned that your slider looks dated or clashes with the decor of your home, replacing the unit with a modern door can improve the look of your home while adding value to the property. Some glass options for sliding doors include customized glazing or even frosting so that the door offers privacy as well as efficiency.

Privacy and Security:

Your home is only as secure as the weakest point of entry. If the weakest point of entry happens to be your sliding glass door then replacing or repairing the door will improve the security of your residential or commercial property. Sliding glass doors have been found as the weakest link in many home security systems.

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