Residential Shower Doors


What Do I Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors?


We prefer to work with the top manufacturer of glass shower doors, and we believe that is Cardinal Shower Enclosures. Cardinal Shower Enclosures is a glass shower door vendor that is well known across the country for creating stylish and quality shower enclosures that are loved by homeowners throughout the United States. Cardinal Shower Enclosures is known for working with the best designers who are continually improving both the structure and appearance of their products.

In addition to offering our customers a variety of different styles of glass shower doors, we also have recently introduced a new design to our showroom floor. Cast glass units are the newest product on the market today, and these doors offer ultra premium art glass for customers who are interested. The art glass provides homeowners with the chance to make their showers as beautiful as possible, and truly allows the shower area to shine as the focal point of the bathroom.

Customers are often thrilled to find out that we can work within their budget. For those who are trying to get the best glass shower doors at an affordable price, we offer stock designs from Cardinal Shower Enclosures. These designs are both functional and attractive, and are popular among our clients. However, we also offer custom design services for those who are looking for the ultimate in shower door luxury. We can incorporate your own drawings and ideas into the actual shower doors that are installed in your home. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you feel like now is the time to upgrade your bathroom and finally have those glass shower doors installed, then contact us at Vern’s Glass today. We would be happy to talk with you about our partnership with Cardinal Shower Enclosures and discuss the options that are available to you within your budget. We know we will be able to help you find the shower doors that will improve the appearance of your bathroom and allow you to become fully relaxed and refreshed in this space once again.

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