The Benefits of an EnduroShield Window Treatment | Victorville Glass InstallationWe have all seen it before. A beautiful bathroom can be completely ruined by a glass shower door with water spots and hard water stains. However, there are ways in which you can prevent your shower door from accumulating these unsightly water stains without using harsh chemicals.

EnduroShield is a treatment provided by Vern’s Glass that has been used in different industries and applications for quite some time. This treatment, also available as factory coated glass, has been used on car windshields, windows on cruise ships, shower doors, and home windows. When you do not want water stains on a window, EnduroShield is the treatment for you.

Improve Your Home with EnduroShield Treatment

When being used in a residential setting, EnduroShield is perfect for protecting shower doors by hard water stains and making the glass easier to clean. While protecting from water spots and hard water stains, EnduroShield will also help to prevent soap scum and grime accumulating on glass shower doors. Having the EnduroShield treatment on your glass shower door will virtually eliminate your need to clean your shower door.

EnduroShield can also be used on your bathroom windows or any other windows in your home that may be subject to water spots. When you are trying to keep your home looking pristine, you must make sure to keep your windows and glass doors in tip-top shape. Water stains and unclean windows can make any clean home look very unkempt. EnduroShield is a relatively inexpensive treatment that will help your bathroom shine. You won’t have to spend hours in the future trying to get rid of water spots or hard water stains that could have been prevented in the first place. Investing in an EnduroShield treatment early on can help you maintain the value of your home by keeping your bathrooms looking brand new.

Contact Vern’s Glass today to discuss window treatment options for your home. An investment in an EnduroShield treatment is one that will really end up paying off in the end by adding value to your bathroom.