The Best Size for a Glass Table Top | Victorville Vern's Glass InstallationThe sleek, clean look of a glass table top makes any room look great. Dining rooms graced by glass dining room tables create an especially elegant and sophisticated décor.

But how big should a glass table be to accommodate your list of diners?

Sizing a Glass Table Top for Your Dining Room

Glass table tops come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are round, oval, square and rectangular. The dimensions of the table depend on its shape and how many people you want to seat around it.

For round tables, follow these guidelines:

4 to 6 people: 42 to 66 inches

7 to 10 people: 60 to 72 inches

For oval glass tables use these sizes:

4 to 6 people: 36 by 60 to 42 by 72 inches

7 to 10 people: 42 by 72 to 44 by 84 inches

12 to 14 people: 48 by 96 inches

For square shaped tables:

4 to 6 people: Between 36 and 54 inches square

7 to 10 people: Between 48 and 60 inches square

10 to 12 people: 60 inches or larger

For a rectangular glass table:

4 to 6 people: Between 36 x 48 and 42 x 78 inches

8 to 10 people: Between 42 x 60 and 44 x 84 inches

12 to 14 people: At least 48 by 96 inches

Thickness and Edging of Glass Dining Room Tables

The thickness of the glass needed for a glass dining room table depends on its size and whether the glass is free-standing or has another surface beneath it.

For smaller tables where the glass is used as a protective cover over another surface, glass can be between 3/16 and ¼ inch thick.

If the glass top is unsupported, the glass should be at least 3/8 inch thick. For the largest tables, ½ inch thick glass is needed to support the weight of the glass and everything placed on top of it.

There are several choices for edging the glass, and each one gives the table a slightly different look and feel. Edging styles include flat, penciled, triple pencil polish, beveled, ogee, waved, and chipped.

When you have a glass dining room table custom-built by a glazing contractor and supplier like Vern’s Glass in Victorville, you can choose the exact size, edging, and style you want for your home.