Three Reasons to Replace Your Existing GlassAt Vern’s Glass, most of the calls that we get for replacement glass are made after an existing glass pane has been broken. However, while a pane of glass that was shattered by an errant baseball clearly needs replaced, there are a number of reasons that a person should consider replacing undamaged glass. In fact, replacing existing glass is a quick and inexpensive way to improve both the looks and usability of a home or other building.


Glass panes can be an inviting target for burglars. Traditional glass breaks easily and can be used to access a building or to reach inside and open locks. However, home and business owners can replace existing glass with security glass. Different types of security glass use different types of technology, but all provide a product that is more difficult to break and remove. Security glass can be installed into most types of windows, doors and other building products. Security films can also be added to existing glass. Security films do not strengthen the glass, but hold it together when it breaks. In addition to helping to prevent entry into a home, security glass also prevents jagged pieces of glass falling into a home if a window is accidentally broken.

Security films do not only strengthen the glass, but hold it together when it breaks.


Although window shades, blinds and curtains all can be used as window coverings to provide privacy, there are times that people want the sleek look of an uncovered window, while still maintaining privacy inside a home or other building. Frosted glass is a popular choice for providing privacy while allowing natural light into a space. Frosted glass is most often used in bathrooms, but can be used in any room. However, frosted glass is not the only option for added privacy. Textured and patterned glass is also available that will complement any decor while also increasing privacy.

Tinted Glass

With the rising cost of energy, LowE energy efficient tinted glass that helps to repel sunlight and keep indoor spaces cool can pay for itself in a short amount of time. As anyone who has large windows in the Victorville area can attest, big windows can create a lot of heat inside a home. Tinted glass, especially in larger windows, can significantly reduce the temperature inside a room which means less energy to cool the room. Tinting can also be added to windows through the use of a plastic film that is added to the existing glass.