Since their invention, mirrors have played an important role in our homes and our societies. We use them in homes, offices, and even in vehicles. Fortunately, for home and business owners, Vern’s Glass offers custom mirrors for all of your design projects throughout the High Desert.

How to Use Mirrors to Transform a Room

Mirrors provide two major services to home or business decor. They add dimension and they help to create a brighter environment. They do not add light, but they manipulate the light that is available to create a brighter area.

Creating More Light

As mentioned, mirrors do not create light; instead, they reflect it. Mirrors provide a huge benefit to dark rooms or dark corners of rooms because they reflect the brightness of incoming light. In that way, their reflection of a window or light source adds a spot of light when you want it most. Well placed mirrors can transform a dark and dingy bathroom into a room that seems spacious and bright. They can do the same for other rooms in your home, even dark hallways, entryways, and foyers.

Transform A Room With Customized Mirrors

Customized Mirrors

The good news for residential and commercial designers is that mirrors are easy to order in most any shape or size that you require. That means for dark corners you can add small mirrors to boost existing light. It also means that for commercial or custom projects that you can add large, single piece mirrors to expand living rooms, bedrooms, and even lobbies.

It becomes a much easier task to create a bright and welcoming environment when you use mirrors as part of your design scheme. Vern’s Glass offers mirror replacement. If you have a frame that you love, bring it in and we can fit it with a mirror. If you need help with installation of a mirror, our professionals are experts in mirror installment projects for residential or commercial customers.

Have you considered how adding mirrors to your home or business can improve the quality of your space? Bring us your ideas, and we can help you find options to make those ideas become a reality. We might also be able to offer suggestions that improve your ideas. We are happy to provide information, just give Vern’s Glass a call today.