Using Decorative Glass Inside and Outside | Victorville Vern's GlassWindows are probably one of the first things you think of when thinking of glass, but glass is useful for more than windows. Decorative glass paneling is a design idea used in both residential and commercial architecture, and it adds dimension, contrast, functionality, and a feeling of elegance and sophistication to many interiors and exteriors homes, offices, and retail businesses.

Using Glass Paneling in Exterior and Interior Design

Glass panels make a visually stunning and functional hand railing system, and they also help define space when used as a barrier or partial wall between spaces inside a room or office. Heavy, see-through glass paneling also creates a quieter outside area when placed to buffer sounds from a nearby noisy street or public area.

Glass paneling is also frequently used in furniture construction, as shelving, and as glass table tops. Decorative glass panels are made with safety glass which shatters into small, harmless pieces if the glass is broken. However, this type of glass is extremely strong and resistant to breakage in ordinary circumstances.

Glass Treatment Options

The surface of decorative glass paneling can be treated in a variety of ways for achieving different effects in color and texture. Acid etching of glass creates a matte surface less susceptible to glare. Acid can also be applied in a manner causing variable translucence in all or part of the pane of glass.

Ceramic frit glass incorporates colored enamel into the glass as it is formed when molten. Ceramic frit glass can be manufactured with an astonishing variety of patterns and levels of translucence and is frequently used in partition walls and for signs including company logos and trademarks. Digital art can also be incorporated into the surface of glass panels used for signs, doorways, and countertops. Digital images can even be applied in layers within the glass, creating different visual effects depending on lighting and angle of viewing as well as a 3-D effect.

Decorative Uses of Glass

The surface of decorative glass panels can also be painted to add color and opacity in interior locations, and glass panes can be textured with patterns that distort and filter light while still allowing it to pass through.

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