Glass belongs in more than just your home’s windows. No matter if you own an early turn-of-the-century bungalow, or live in an ultra modern-styled apartment, tastefully using glass throughout both your exterior and interior design will brighten your home and add interest, while maintaining the integrity of your home’s unique style.

Besides providing you with stunning views and natural light, using glass in the home or office offers many benefits:

Open up your home with large windows: Darkness makes smaller rooms feel even more cramped. Make the most out of tiny spaces by using expansive picture windows, or even entire exterior walls made from glass. The natural light creates the illusion of space and provides extra interest with an ever changing show of illumination and shadows.

Extend your living space with glass: Depending on where you live, for a few months each year you may be forced to stay indoors due to the weather. Make the most of this time by adding a glass greenhouse, sunroom, or pool room to your home.

Decorate with glass furniture: Glass tables, counters, and desks appear modern, yet still have a pronounced classic style when paired with leather or wood. Choose steel seating options with a glass table or counter top to create a cool industrial look. Use opaque glass as a divider for a sleek and utilitarian aesthetic.