Vern's Glass Mirrors Where You Least Expect Them | Victorville Home DesignIt’s no deep secret that mirrors enhance a home’s decor by boosting the ambient light and creating the impression of depth in a room. Knowing these general principles doesn’t necessarily tell you how they’re applied in a particular fashion. Typically, decorators provide the same advice of placing big mirrors in a living room to make it look bigger or adding one to a hallway to brighten things. Their use don’t have to end there. Mirrors can beautify in ways that are often overlooked. Just consider the following examples.

Looking Up

While a glass tabletop can make a stark, minimalist statement, using a mirror in its place can present a more interesting display. A mirrored surface offers the reflections of the ceiling and the objects sitting on it. This can prove to be a more interesting design than the floor below. There’s also the sense of a solid surface to ground everything from dinnerware to coffee table books. This is accomplished while maintaining the same clean lines and gloss of a glass top. Of course, there’s the added bonus of the extra illumination.

Going Green

Similar to a dining or coffee table, a mirrored plant stand would serve as an especially eye-catching focal point. First, the use of a mirror could create the semblance of more greenery in the room. At the same time, the plants will appreciate the extra light cast on them by the mirror.

In the Kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is one area of the home where the brightening mirrors bring can really come in handy. Unlike the bathroom, there isn’t a lot of open space to place a mirror. One solution is to use the surface area supplied by the cabinet doors. Cabinet fronts offer a huge amount of space for mirrors. In this location, the mirrors definitely produce an appearance of greater volume. They’re also well-positioned to amplify the incidental natural light that’s abundant in the Victorville area. With all the spills and splatters kitchens are known for, mirrored cabinets additionally clean up easier than wood.

Bedroom Beautification

Vanities, bureaus, and other such bedroom furniture offer another canvas for applying mirrors. Instead of consuming wall space that can be reserved for photographs and paintings, consider facing draws and doors with mirrors. It’ll provide the same improvement in light and volume without being intrusive.