What to Ask When Buying Replacement Windows | Victorville Vern's GlassYou’ve looked closely at the condition of your home’s windows and decided it’s time to replace them. Now what? New windows are a substantial investment, and you want to be sure to do the project right. What are the questions you need to ask before signing a contract for the installation of replacement windows?

Questions to Ask about Replacement Windows

Some questions you can answer for yourself by considering your personal needs. Other questions are best answered with the assistance of a window expert. 

Here are some of the most important questions to answer when buying replacement windows:

  • How many windows need replacing? In many older homes, some windows may have already been upgraded and do not need replacing at this time. Check the condition and appearance of each window as you decide which to replace.
  • What energy efficiency rating is best? The answer depends on the climate where you live and also the location and use of the room. Local building codes may also have energy efficiency standards you must follow when replacing windows. 
  • Do you want window tinting for privacy or glare reduction? Do you need shatter-resistant glass or windows that open in a specific direction? Consider each window in your house separately, so you can choose a replacement window that works best for each location.
  • Are there special considerations for cleaning the window panes? If you have a multi-story house or windows placed high on the wall, you may want to install replacement windows that allow you to clean the exterior of the glass from inside the building. 
  • Do any windows need extra security? Windows facing streets or alleyways may be more vulnerable to break-ins. Consider whether some of the replacement windows need reinforced glass, heavy-duty locks, or security screens
  • What type of warranty do the windows have? Each window manufacturer has its own warranty, and licensed glazing contractors also guarantee their installation work. Be sure to check the details on both.

Scheduling a Consultation with a Window Expert

Once you know the right questions to ask, the next step is scheduling a consultation and estimate with a replacement window expert. 

If you live in the High Desert of California, Vern’s Glass in Victorville can answer all your window-related questions. Vern’s Glass has decades of experience installing windows and helping customers get the answers they need when shopping for replacement windows.