When Is It Time for New Sliding Glass Doors? | Vern's Glass CustomSliding glass doors add light while at the same time creating the convenience of a large doorway for accessing a patio, deck, or backyard area. Sliding glass doors often get a lot of use, leading to wear and tear damage to the door and problems with its functionality. Old sliders also waste energy.

Some problems with sliding glass doors can be fixed without removing the entire door, but there is a time for taking out an old slider and replacing it with a new one. Here are some reasons for doing this.

Save Energy and Money

The biggest reason for replacing a sliding glass door is upgrading to a more energy efficient model. Sliding glass doors are large window spaces, transmitting heat and cold and increasing heating and cooling costs.

A single, old and energy-inefficient sliding glass door can significantly affect the temperature and comfort level in a room. New sliding glass doors have an insulation rating of up to R-10. A new door also comes with new weather stripping, further blocking infiltration of air and loss of heat.

Reduce Noise Levels

Older sliding glass doors use thinner glass and often are not double paned. Sound waves from busy streets outside are easily transmitted through the door, reducing the comfort level inside. New sliding glass doors can greatly reduce the level of noise inside a building.

Reduce UV Levels

Sliding glass doors let in a lot of light, but this can also mean increased UV levels. UV light fades furniture fabrics, rugs and carpets, floors, and damages art work. New glass in sliding glass doors transmits less UV than older ones, and these windows can also have additional UV protection from window tinting films.

Increase Security

Sliding glass doors, especially if they are old and in bad repair, can make an easy entrance for burglars. Locking mechanisms often stop working on sliding glass doors, and the door frame can become distorted if the house settles, making it hard to secure the door. A new, properly installed sliding glass door improves the security of your home.

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