Why You Need a Glass Greenhouse | Victorville Vern's Glass ServicesWith spring right around the corner, many residents of Victorville and Apple Valley are beginning to think about their garden plans for the season. But why limit yourself to just the warm months for gardening? Grow flowers and vegetables all year round with a glass greenhouse!

Advantages of a Green House

A greenhouse allows you to grow plants all year rather than just when soil and air temperatures are warm enough. It works by allowing sunlight to pass through its transparent surface where it warms the air inside. The heated air is then trapped inside the greenhouse where it can warm the soil and plants and create optimal growing conditions. The climate of our region makes it possible to grow plants even in the dead of winter utilizing a green house.

Why Use Glass?

While many people choose to make greenhouses out of plastic, glass is the optimal choice. It is sturdier than plastic, and, when done right, it is more effective at retaining heat. While it is more expensive than plastic, a well-built glass greenhouse can last for 30 years or more. Likewise, a glass greenhouse looks nicer than one made from other materials and is a great addition to your property that is environmentally friendly and increases property value.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Old Glass

It is becoming popular to repurpose old glass windows and doors into green houses. However, this idea presents a number of dangers. Old window and door frames may contain lead paint which is extremely harmful if ingested or dust is breathed in. Safety is also a concern. It is impossible to vouch for the sturdiness of old glass and wooden frames. Similarly, since old glass comes in a variety of sizes, it is hard to build a greenhouse that is structurally sound.

Consult a Glass Dealer for Your Greenhouse Needs

If you are considering adding a greenhouse to your home, contact Vern’s Glass. We can provide glass panels to meet your needs and create an elegant and effective greenhouse that will be a joy to work in and admire. We can also assist you in converting an old sun room or screen porch into an area for growing plants. Contact us today to see how we can help make your green thumb dreams into a reality!