Custom Glass Furniture to Modernize Your HouseMaybe inexpensive wooden furniture was a good idea when your kids were young, but now that they are older, wouldn’t it be a good idea to modernize your home and to give it just a little more sophistication?

Custom glass furniture is an easy way to turn your home into a magazine-worthy showpiece. There is a perfect custom glass furniture solution for every room in your home. Whether you want to add a couple of sleek glass end tables to your living room or to simply replace your worn-out dining table with a stunning glass tabletop, your room will look brighter, less cluttered, and much more refined.

When you decorate with custom glass, your imagination is free to run wild.

Many homeowners are not aware of how much the edging of your glass piece contributes to its style. Are you attracted to the simplicity of a seamed edge, or perhaps you prefer the high-end look of an ogee edge? When you know the differences, you can select the right edge to fit your style.

Types of Glass Edgings

  • Seamed edge: The edge of the glass is sanded to eliminate any sharpness resulting in a functional piece with a rough appearance.
  • Flat edge: The top and bottom of the glass are sanded to a 45-degree angle to show off the thickness of the glass tabletop.
  • Pencil edge: This edge is simple in presentation, where the edges of the glass are rounded.
  • Beveled edge: This is a basic decorative edge with straight sloping edges starting from 1/2 inch from the edge of the tabletop.
  • Mitre edge: This is similar to a beveled edge, but with a more severe slope.
  • Ogee edge: The ogee edge is highly decorative and similar to a beveled edge, but the slope is concave instead of straight.

A fitting edge can make all the difference in the appearance of your piece. Homeowners in the High Desert area near Apple Valley who are interested in adding purchasing custom glass furniture should contact us at Vern’s Glass today. For over 50 years, we have been creating and installing custom glass for Victorville residents.