Using Mirrors to Open Up Your Space | Vern's Glass Victorville CustomLiving in a small space presents many challenges. Utilizing creative solutions can turn even the smallest room into a fully-functioning area of your home.

Professional decorators suggest that choosing vivid colors, keeping the room uncluttered, and selecting the correctly-sized furnishing are keys to enjoying better living in a smaller space. Adding custom mirrors is also a wonderful way to provide an illusion of more space in tight quarters.

How Do Mirrors Create the Illusion of More Space?

  • Mirrors reflect light and make rooms brighter. Poor lighting can make even a large space feel smaller. In a tiny room, mirrors installed in poorly-lit areas will reflect the available light in the room and brighten the area, making it feel larger. Many homeowners find that creating a custom mirror backsplash behind a stove in the kitchen, or adding a decorative mirror to a small alcove can increase the feeling of space in the room.
  • Mirrors add interest to rooms.┬áCustom mirrors do not have to be boring. Forget about the same old round or rectangular mirrors and go for something unique. Almost any design you can think of is possible. Let your imagination run wild. When people see your stunning mirrors, the size of your space will be forgotten. Multiple smaller mirrors arranged in an intriguing pattern is also a great way to add charm to any interior.
  • Large mirrors are great for smaller spaces. Usually, furnishings should fit the scale of your room, but when it comes to mirrors, that rule is out the window. Large floor-length mirrors not only brighten the room but also draw the eyes of people in the room upwards. An oversized mirror mounted on the wall across from any window will reflect the outside, creating a constantly changing artwork.